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   CORE will demonstrate how a powerful and innovative Consistently Optimised REsilient ecosystem implementation, integrating interoperability, security, resilience and real-time optimisation can produce cost effective, fast and robust solutions that will guarantee the efficient and secure transit of goods through the worldwide Global Supply Chain system.

CORE will show how protecting and securing the Global Supply Chain, and reducing its vulnerability to disruption (whether caused by natural disasters, terrorism or other forms of undesirable or illegal activity), can be done while guaranteeing the promotion of a timely and efficient flow of legitimate commerce through the European Union (EU) and other nations around the world. CORE will demonstrate that this can be done while at the same time offering tangible benefits to involved stakeholders (transaction, transport, regulatory and financial operators), thus facilitating its adoption by commercial entities.


CORE will address in an integrated and stakeholder-friendly way three main areas:
1. End-to-end Supply Chain Security fostering standardisation, harmonisation and mutual recognition;

2. Controlled global visibility of security risks and other supply chain threats and their impact on supply chain flows around the world;

3. Real-time Lean Agile Resilient Green Optimised supply chain solutions offering a highly innovative approach to designing supply chains resilient (in real-time) to major disturbances caused by high impact events Furthermore the results of CORE will help the EU (and other countries) introduce changes to Customs policy which strike a balance between public and business interests, within reasonable regulatory constraints.

CORE will start by consolidating solutions developed in Reference Projects (Cassandra, CONTAIN, SUPPORT, SAFEPOST, EUROSKY, e-Freight ) in each supply chain sector (port, container, air, post).
Implementation-driven R&D will be then undertaken designed to discover gaps and practical problems and to develop capabilities and solutions that could deliver sizable and sustainable progress in supply chain security across all EU Member States and on a global scale. The implementation approach is aimed at providing:

• SCS Capabilities /Building Blocks which represent the essential components of SCS solutions and the development focus for the project.

• A SCS Solution Development / Delivery Environment to produce solutions for the demonstrators using the SCS Building Blocks; delivery through the CORE Ecosystem will ensure on demand interoperability between disparate systems that may be attached to the CORE network.

• SCS Solutions Testbed: A set of linked demonstrators creating a test and experimentation environment for SCS Solutions, and showcasing a Secure Global Supply Chain System.



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