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The DRIVER project implements the Aftermath Crisis Management System-of-Systems Demonstration Programme funded under the 7th Framework Programme by the European Commission.

The DRIVER project aims at two main dimensions:

- firstly, the development of a pan-European test-bed enabling the testing and iterative refinement of new crisis management (CM) solutions and thereby facilitating capability development through the provision of respective methodologies and infrastructure;

- secondly, at the actual development of a DRIVER Portfolio of Tools that improves crisis management at Member State and EU level.

DRIVER carries out experimentation campaigns in three strands:
- tools and methods for responders,
- resilience of civil society
- learning by both.

The intra-strand experimentation leads into two Joint Experiment campaigns and a Final Demo focusing on challenges requiring highly complex interaction between CM tools.

To evaluate and benchmark these CM tools, a strong evidence base for tool selection is crucial; to this end DRIVER will build a distributed European CM Test-bed, itself a major innovation.

To maximise impact beyond the scope of the project and of the DRIVER consortium it is necessary to develop the sustainability of the European Test-bed, the exploitation of the DRIVER Portfolio of Tools and to make emerge a European CM community, which shares a common CM understanding and is increasingly willing to share capabilities and collaborate in CM innovation.

These three objectives need and feed each other, thus developing Europe’s ability to continue adapting its CM
capabilities to emerging needs long after the project end.


The DRIVER consortium consists of 37 organisations from 13 EU Member States and two associated countries. The project is coordinated by European IT services leader Atos with technical and scientific support from the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Technological Trend Analysis (INT).

The total available budget will be roughly 45 million Euros, i.e. DRIVER will be the largest CM project in Europe, if not the world, for the foreseeable future.

DRIVER at a glance (downloadable presentation)


Project Manager - Klaudia Tani: klaudia.tani@eos-eu.com

Website: www.driver-project.eu

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