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EOS is continuously looking for new members who have a pro-active approach to security issues and help us bring an added value in the ever-evolving security dialogue. For both the supply and demand side, EOS provides access to an extended network of users, operators and providers (research centres, large industries and SMEs), and aims to encourage, promote and assist the development and implementation of policies and solutions for security in Europe. 

Each member can shape its role and its messages within EOS and get the most suited benefit, be it standards, technology roadmaps, research projects, specific regulations or directives, advocacy for EU funding for pilots and implementation of solutions, a better understanding of EU instruments and activities, improvement of EU security policies, international cooperation, development of business opportunities, a close link with EU institutions, and close networking with major security stakeholders etc.

Join us and make your voice heard by fully tapping into the benefits of our approach.

EOS welcomes entities (either a private body or an association) active in the security domain. The interested entities should have a legal presence and be active in the European Economic Area.

To become a Member, the interested entity:
  • Must comply with EOS Statues, Internal Governance Rules and Code of Conduct (please fill in the form below in order to have more detailed information on EOS’ Documents)
  • Must fill-in, sign and send to EOS (info@eos-eu.com):
    • A scan or original of the Adherence request form
    • A short description (1/2 page) of its activities.
This last requirement is needed for the EOS Board of Directors to verify the Membership conditions.
Once the Membership has been approved, the interested Entity shall pay a one-off entrance fee and the annual Membership fees as determined (and amended from time to time) by Board of Directors.
Membership is renewed automatically unless notice of resignation is given during the first six months of the financial year.
In order to express your interest or learn more about EOS membership, please contact Ms. Nadège Grard - nadege.grard@eos-eu.com

Membership documents
EOS description of membership 2016
EOS adherence request core members
EOS adherence request core members shareholders associations
EOS adherence request core members microSMEs and universities
EOS adherence request core members shareholders SMEs mid size research centers and clusters
EOS adherence request core members non shareholding status SMEs mid size research centers and clusters
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