New EOS Working Group on Security Screening and Detection Technologies

01 January 2017

In December 2016 the EOS Board of Directors approved the official name change of the EOS “Civil Aviation Security” working group to: EOS “Security Screening and Detection Technologies” working group.

The new name emphasizes the nature of the security screening technology without precluding any of its potential applications. While still covering all the aspects of civil aviation security, the change expands the scope of the group’s activities to include other modes of transport, such as public spaces, (landside at airports, rail, metro) and maritime, as well as non-transport security applications related to screening and detection technologies, including customs, CBRNE, border management and more.

As a result, the new name aims to better reflect the areas of responsibility and scope of the working group, in order to keep pace with the constantly-evolving security landscape.

For more information please contact the Working Group coordinator:

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