EUROSKY – Single European Secure Air-Cargo Space, was a four year large-scale integration project under FP7-SEC-2012-1. The project started on the 1st of May 2013.


EUROSKY delivered a high impact programme for advanced air-cargo security and facilitation measures to safeguard international supply chains and the security of citizens while fostering international co-operation and a broad stakeholder engagement from all segments of the air-cargo industry.


  1. The EUROSKY Blueprints provided a Europe wide cooperative model for air cargo security and facilitation including Key Performance Indicators.
  2. A multi-energy based automated detection and alarm resolution solution provided faster and more accurate detection of dangerous substances with reduced false positive rate.
  3. The EUROSKY Ecosystem provided a technological infrastructure for electronically connecting air-cargo stakeholders together, amplifying their security capabilities through faster communications, shared scans and intelligence, real-time optimisation, pooled resources and synchronised actions.
  4. Integrated Air-cargo Security Solutions were provided including cargo profiling, screening of the identity and intent of the people who had their hands on the container, and integration of detection technologies in supply chain flows with remote monitoring options.
  5. Six EUROSKY Demonstrators were used across several representative operating scenarios characteristic of the air-cargo security sector, covering all aspects of air-cargo security at National and International level and considering access threats, content threats and human error threats, to evaluate outputs and to provide data for impact assessment.


Special attention was given in EUROSKY to building improved understanding of prevailing complexities and vulnerabilities and ensuring long term sustainability of project outputs and market take-up based on a Stakeholder Engagement Strategy emphasising international co-operation both to promote harmonisation in regulations and in supporting further development and implementation of international standards.


  • European Organisation for Security - Belgium
  • BMT Group - United Kingdom
  • Swissport International - Switzerland
  • Athens International Airport - Greece
  • Department for Transport - United Kingdom
  • Consorzio IB Innovation - Italy
  • Urbanos-Grupo - Portugal
  • Geopost UK - United Kingdom
  • Fast Freight Marconi - Italy
  • Heavyweight Air Express - United Kingdom
  • Siemens - Germany
  • Rapiscan Systems - United Kingdom
  • Multix - France
  • Totalforsvarets Forkningsinstitut - Sweden
  • Inlecom Systems - United Kingdom
  • CONCEPTIVITY - Switzerland
  • Mass Spec Analytical Limited - United Kingdom
  • Enide Solutions - Spain
  • Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives - France
  • MJC2 - United Kingdom
  • European Organisation for Security - Belgium
  • Ingenieria Idom Internacional - Spain
  • CLMS - United Kingdom
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