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EU CIP (HORIZON – GA Number : 101073878)

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EU-CIP’s objective is to establish a novel pan European knowledge network for Resilient Infrastructures, enabling policy makers to shape and produce data-driven evidence-based policies, while boosting the innovation capacity of Critical Infrastructures (CI) operators, authorities, and innovators (including SMEs). In this direction, the partners have already established the European Cluster for Securing Critical infrastructures (ECSCI), which brings together 22 projects that collaborate in CI Resilience.

EU-CIP will leverage the capacity, organization, community, and achievements of the ECSCI cluster towards establishing an EU-wide knowledge network with advanced analytical and innovation support capabilities. The project’s analytics capabilities will fulfil the reporting requirements listed in the call in terms of the number and the (semestrial) frequency of the reports. To facilitate information collection and analysis, the project will establish a FAIR data observatory of research projects, research outcomes, technologies, standards, and policies. Along with analytical capabilities for evidence based policies, the project will organize and offer a rich set of innovation support services to EU projects and other innovators in CI security and resilience. These services will include training, support in business planning and access to finance, as well as support in the validation, standardization, and certification of novel solutions. The projects outcomes will be integrated and made available through a Knowledge Hub, which will provide a singly entry point to the EU-CIP results. EU-CIP will build a vibrant ecosystem of over 1000 stakeholders around this knowledgehub. To animate and grow the project’s community, EU-CIP will execute an ambitious set of dissemination activities, including the establishment and organization of an annual conference on Critical Infrastructures Resilience, which will become a flagship event for critical infrastructures.


  • Engineering – Ingegneria Informatica SPA – ENG
  • Deutsches Zentrum für Luft und Raumfahrt EV – DLR
  • GFT Italia SRL – GFT
  • Inov instituto de engenharia de sistemas e computadores inovacao  - INOV
  • Inlecom commercial pathways company limited by guarantee – ICP
  • Steinbeis EU-VRI GMBH – EU-VRi
  • Stowarzyszenie Polska Platforma bezpieczenstwa wewnetrznego – PPHS
  • Laurea – Ammattikorkeakoulou oy - LAU
  • Innov - Acts Limited – INNOV
  • Norks Regnesentral – NRS
  • European organisation for security – EOS
  • Katholieke Universiteit Leuven – KU Leuven
  • Fstechnology SPA – FST
  • Athens International Airport S.A – AIA
  • Fundacion de la Comunidad Valenciana para la investigacion, promocion y estudios comerciales de Valenciaport – FV
  • Orange Romania  - ORO
  • Electricité de France – EDF
  • Association française de normalisation – AFNOR
  • Leonardo Societa per Azioni – LDO


Contact Person: Elodie Reuge

Website: eucip.eu

Twitter: @EUCIP_HorizonEu

LinkedIn: EU-CIP Project

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