Combating terrorism – Evaluation and Fitness Check Roadmap

03 November 2020

Crisis Management

The EU has launched an evaluation to assess EU rules on combating terrorism (Directive 2017/541). The evaluation aims to assess whether the rules are working as intended and it will also assess their impact on: fundamental rights and freedoms; the rule of law; the level of protection and assistance provided to victims of terrorism. Deadline for receipt of evaluation: 19 November 2020 (midnight Brussels time).

Directive 2017/541, which entered into force on 20 April 2017, establishes a legal framework common to all Member States, and in particular a harmonised definition of terrorist offences, which serves as a benchmark for information exchange and cooperation between competent national authorities.

After 3 years of application, the Commission undertakes an evaluation process to assess the added value of the Directive about combating terrorism, and whether the Directive is fit for purpose. This initiative will evaluate the EU rules on combating terrorism (Directive 2017/541) and it is constituted of two distinct phases: a feedback period, which will last until 19 November 2020, and a public consultation period that is planned for the first quarter 2021.

The evaluation is planned to be concluded in 2021, and a report will be presented to the European Parliament and to the Council by 8 September 2021.

Further information regarding the context, purpose and scope of the evaluation are available here.

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