JRC Technical report - Passive Millimetre Wave Equipment for Threat Detection

10 November 2020

Security screening and detection technologies

In October 2020, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission released a technical report entitled “Passive Millimetre Wave Equipment for Threat Detection”. This study was compiled in the frame of the Working Group “Technology and Innovation”, whose overall objective is to reflect on how technology and innovation can best contribute to rail security, while minimizing the disruption of passenger flow.

The report introduces to passive MMW technology, presents what are the current models available in the market and assesses the state of the art of this technology.

In the report are comprised 7 manufacturers and 11 configurations using MMW technology. The fields of application for these technologies are mass transit/events, like train and metro stations, airport, landside terminals; critical infrastructures; customs and borders; as well as loss prevention (like warehouses, data centres, etc.). These solutions vary in size, weight, and operation, and claim to detect concealed weapons, metals, ceramics, plastics, liquids, gels, and powders. In addition, the study provides commercial passive MMW equipment information.

The conclusions of the report can be summarised in the following: passive MMW is a promising technology for threat detection in high throughput scenarios. It would be necessary to develop harmonised performance requirements for this family of equipment.

The report is not yet available on JRC website. In case you would like to receive further information about it, please write to: maria.properzi@eos-eu.com 

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