i-LEAD published 2020 Practitioners' Group reports

25 November 2020

EU Project

The European Organisation for Security is a proud Partner of the i-LEAD project (GA no.740685). For this reason we are happy to share also on our website the i-LEAD Practitioners Workshop Report 2020.

i-LEAD is a joint initiative from the core group of the European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services (ENLETS). The project is going beyond the scopes of ENLETS, since it was designed to integrated Security Research, and connecting it with the European Agenda on Security with the aim of strenghtening the cross border crime fighting, setting the perimeters for technology and creating a meaningful Pan-European cooperation between Law Enforcement Aagencies, Industry and the Research Community. 

In this context, the 5 i-LEAD Practitioners Groups (Front Line Policing, Cross Border, Cybercrime, Crime, and Forensics, respectively) are pivotal to define: what are the identified Gaps and Needs; what are the expected solutions; and what are the standardisation and procurement requirements.

If you are interested to learn what are the conclusions of these Practitioners Group, have a look at the Report here.


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