AI4EU calls for organizations to propose AI challenges

26 November 2020

EU Project

The AI4EU initiative, kicked off in January 2019 with €20 million, recently launched a Call for Challenges to select 13 Challenge Owners that will work with ‘Solutions Providers’ to set a particular problem or challenge that would like to be solved with Artificial Intelligence technologies and get 10,000€. The first cut-off date to apply is 26 January 2021, and the final deadline will be in the first quarter of 2021.

The process is twofold, because the Call for Challenges will be followed by two Open Calls for Solutions to select Solutions Providers (start-ups, SMEs, Mid-Caps, large companies, and research organizations) that will address and solve the specific challenges. The first call to select Solutions Providers will be from 25 February to 27 April 2021, and the second will be launched in spring. After the two calls, a total of 41 Solutions Providers will be selected to get up to 70,000€ and access a 6-month Support Program.

The best 13 challenges will receive support from the AI4EU consortium to detail and present the challenge to the Solution Providers during the AI4EU Call for Solutions.

Each Challenge Owner will work together with at least two Solutions Providers during the 6-month Support Program to develop two solutions per challenge. The Challenge Owners will have to provide assets and data needed to develop the solution, and technical support to the AI4EU Call for Solutions. In return, they will get 10,000€, a free solution for their challenge and visibility with AI4EU digital channels, events, and ambassadors.

With these open calls, the objective of the AI4EU Platform is to showcase its capacity to bring an entire ecosystem to solve AI public challenges in various areas by developing solutions prototypes backed by AI technologies.

You can find further information here and apply to Call for Challenges here.

Call for Solutions are not open yet.

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