eu-LISA Annual Conference 2020

30 November 2020

On 26 November 2020, eu-LISA hosted its 7th Annual Conference "Interoperability - Building Digital Resilience for the EU Justice and Home Affairs Community", organised in cooperation with the German Presidency of the Council of the EU.

The event was organised with the aim of exchanging views on how to ensure digital resilience through interoperability, a topic that is a priority for both eu-LISA and the German Presidency of the EU.

The discussion, characterized by insightful interventions and active participation, was twofold: on the one side it explored the long-term vision of digitalisation to the Justice and Home Affairs area, on the other it shared concrete examples of benefits that implementing interoperability bring to the JHA community.

Hereinafter you can find the 4 takeaways of the 7th eu-LISA Annual Conference 2020, as summarised at the end of the event by Mr Executive Director Krum Garkov:

  • Digitalisation in the JHA area has become more important than ever, as it contributes directly to resilience. In the current situation of the pandemic, it has become particularly evident how indispensable the ability to have fast access to information is; how important it is to ensure business continuity;
  • We should not stop here. We need to take advantage of modern technology, including disruptive ones, to facilitate and secure the life of European citizens. The Schengen Area needs to be developed further with a view of ensure faster border crossing;
  • Artificial Intelligence will be a game-changer when processing vast amounts of data and looking for security gaps. The question is not "whether", but "when and how" to apply AI-based technologies. Furthermore, we should keep in mind that its fuel will be data;
  • Last not least, the current JHA interoperability project is not the end of the road. Several speakers have outlined ideas for extending the number of systems and tools to cover even wider business needs.
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