Council strengthens internal security and European police partnership

14 December 2020

The Council adopted conclusions on internal security and European police partnership. The objective of these conclusions is to further improve European cooperation in the field of internal security to better respond to emerging security threats and harness the potential of technological developments.

The conclusions reiterate several political priorities to be achieved by 2025, including:

  • making full use of the instruments for EU-wide alerts for criminal acts
  • better connecting the information already available, by implementing the interoperability of EU information systems
  • establishing an upgraded acquis on cross-border police cooperation including, for example, adequate powers for cross-border surveillance and hot pursuit
  • ensuring that law enforcement authorities can use artificial intelligence technologies in their daily work, subject to clear safeguards
  • improving the capacity of law enforcement agencies to work with third countries and public and private partners worldwide.
  • strengthening EU agencies such as Europol and Frontex

These conclusions also set out the way forward in a few domains such as law enforcement cooperation, keeping pace with technological progress, global cooperation, fighting transnational organised crime and preventing and combatting terrorism.

You can find the complete conclusions here.

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