The European Commission publishes the Transport cybersecurity toolkit

17 December 2020

Cyber Security

On 16 December 2020 the European Commission published its Transport Cybersecurity Toolkit, a repository of tips and recommended practices aimed at enhancing cybersecurity and cyber-resilience in the transport sector.

As cybersecurity is becoming a growing concern for companies, the ‘transport cybersecurity toolkit’ aims at contributing to greater levels of cyber-awareness and cyber-hygiene, with a specific focus on the transport sector, by providing basic information and good mitigating practices on four threats that may affect transport organisations:

  1. Malware diffusion.
  2. Denial of service.
  3. Unauthorised access and theft.
  4. Software manipulation.

The toolkit also contains a more advanced level, which provides information that is particularly relevant for security and cybersecurity professionals in transport organisations.

The toolkit is aligned with other European Commission initiatives aimed at enhancing cybersecurity in Europe, such as the EU’s Cybersecurity Strategy for the Digital Decade.

The cybersecurity toolkit and the awareness poster listing the main recommendations of the toolkit level I (basic level) are available here.

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