Research Executive Agency (REA) labelled the DRIVER+ project a “success story”

15 January 2021

EU Project

The EU-funded DRIVER+ project was mentioned by the Research Executive Agency (REA) of the European Commission as one of the ten research breakthroughs in 2020.

The project, which concluded in June 2020, has produced valuable results that benefit crisis management stakeholders and other EU-funded safety and security research innovation projects. In particular, the aim of DRIVER+ has been to accelerate capability development and crisis management innovation by delivering the following main outputs to the European crisis management community:

  • The pan-European Test-bed;
  • The Portfolio of Solutions (PoS) to catalogue innovative crisis management solutions at different technology readiness levels;
  • The Lessons Learned Library (L3), an online repository for collecting and sharing lessons from severe incidents, crisis situations, tests or exercises;
  • The Crisis Management Innovation Network Europe (CMINE), to enhance the shared understanding of crisis management in Europe;
  • A Centre of Expertise network to support practitioner organisations in the use of the DRIVER+ results.

These free and open-source tools designed to accelerate innovation in crisis and disaster risk management can most notably be used to assess innovative solutions using a practitioner-centred and systematic approach and to strengthen the community of European crisis management professionals.

For more information, please consult the following link

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