The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity launches the New Ad-hoc Working Group on European Cybersecurity Skills Framework

21 January 2021

Cyber Security

On December 17, 2020, the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) kicked-off the new ad-hoc working group in response to the European Skills Agenda.

The creation of the new working group, which is meant to support the development of a Cybersecurity Education and Skills Framework in response to the European Skills Agenda, aims to address the  cybersecurity workforce shortage and skills gap problem, a major concern for both economic development and security, especially in the rapid digitisation of the global economy.

In particular, the purpose of the ad-hoc working group is to:

  • advise ENISA on defining the criteria for a European Cybersecurity Skills Framework.
  • support the analysis of other existing initiative cybersecurity related frameworks with respect to the defined criteria.
  • assist in identifying gaps in already developed European Cybersecurity Skills Framework.
  • assist in conducting a SWOT analysis for a European Cybersecurity Skills Framework.
  • review of related ENISA deliverables.
  • assist in the preparation of the European Skills Framework.


You can find further information at the following link.

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