New Research Study: Technology Foresight on Biometrics for the Future of Travel

22 February 2021

Border Security

On Friday 19, 2021 Frontex provided further information concerning an upcoming research study aimed at delivering a study on the future of biometrics for its implementation in border control systems.

The study was awarded to Steinbeis2i, the winner of the tender for the provision of the Frontex Technology Foresight on Biometrics for the future of Travel. Steinbeis 2i, together with three subcontracted partners (4CF, ERREQUADRO and WAT), will conduct a research study on the future opportunities that biometric technologies and biometric-enabled border control systems could provide to Frontex and the European Border and Coast Guard (EBCG) community.

In particular, the purpose of the study is to examine how to maximise future benefits of biometrics technology in border management while minimising its risks and ensuring full compliance with the existing legal, ethical and technological constraints.

The project’s outcomes will be disseminated among the European Border and Coast Guard community and other partners interested in the application of novel biometric technologies within their domains.

You can find further information at the following link.

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