Creation of EOS Research and Innovation Working Group

07 June 2021

Research and Innovation

The European Organisation for Security (EOS) has created a new Research and Innovation (R&I) Working Group.

The Research and Innovation Working Group aims to define and promote strategic R&I priorities tackling needs and gaps across the various security domains (border management, infrastructure protection, cyber, crime and terrorism, disaster resilience, etc.). It also contributes to shaping future development of security solutions by facilitating its members’ participation to ongoing EU-security related programmes.

The activities of the Research and Innovation Working Group will be carried out with the overarching objective of maintaining a strong and innovative European security technological and industrial base, which is key to ensuring the strategic autonomy of Europe. This requires a medium to long-term programming and investment planning approach, following a process of identification of needs, capability gaps and operational requirements.

Through this new Working Group dedicated to R&I, EOS reaffirms its position as the voice of the security industry and research community in Europe.

More information on the Research and Innovation Working Group is available on here.


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