EU security market study

15 September 2022

The security market in the EU remains largely under-studied and fragmented across geographies, security areas and industries. This study seeks to characterise and analyse the market at an EU level and place it within the global security market context. It aims to thus build a sound overview of the EU market and provide the necessary data allowing for a better analysis of its dynamics, including trends regarding its evolution. To do so, a demand-based, bottom-up approach is used to estimate the overall market value, indication of trends, and suppliers within and outside the EU. An important consideration for this study is the alignment between security research, the industry itself and the EU priorities in security policy. The current report is the final report for the study; it presents the main findings of the study regarding the dynamics of the EU civil security market, its trends and potential evolution, draws conclusions and proposes some recommendations for future action. The aim of this document is to present the results for the different components of the EU security market study.

Read the EU security market study : final report here.


European Commission, Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs, EU security market study : final report, Publications Office of the European Union, 2022, 


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