AI Newsletter March 2024

01 March 2024

Launched in June 2023, the EOS monthly AI Newsletter serves as a comprehensive compass navigating the dynamic realm of artificial intelligence. Each edition meticulously provides the latest updates, placing a spotlight on significant developments within the European Union's AI Act.

Delving into the European landscape, the newsletter offers a comprehensive view of AI regulatory picture emanating from Member States, capturing the diverse initiatives and advancements driving innovation across the Union.

Venturing beyond borders, the International landscape section delivers a global perspective, highlighting noteworthy AI endeavours from international organizations like OSCE , G7 & UN and across the world. Furthermore, the newsletter dedicates a segment to marketing updates, offering a glimpse into the evolving strategies and trends reshaping the marketing sphere. Some editions of the newsletter feature insights from EOS stakeholders within the AI Working Group, providing firsthand perspectives on their latest AI tools, enriching readers with invaluable industry insights and expertise.

AI Newsletter March 2024

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