From: 01-12-2017 - To: 02-12-2017

Athens, Greece

KEMEA Security Symposium

The Security Symposium addresses the instability emanating from the Middle East and North Africa region, its implications on European security and the strategies international actors, states and regional organisations should develop to tackle current and emerging challenges.

From: 29-11-2017 - To: 30-11-2017

London, UK

UK Security EXPO 2017

The event will bring over 10.000 security professionals to London from both the private and public sector. 250 exhibitors will display the latest security solutions on counter terrorism, borders and critical infrastructure.

From: 14-11-2017 - To: 15-11-2017

Tallinn, Estonia

SRIEE 2017

The event is jointly organised by the European Commission, the Estonian Academy of the Security Sciences (EASS) and the Estonian Ministry of Interior. It will offer a content-rich security research conference (SRC) and an exhibitors’ area.

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