From: 04-12-2018 - To: 06-12-2018

Vienna, Austria

ICT 2018: Imagine Digital - Connect Europe

Speakers from policy circles, academia, civil society and industry will highlight their perspectives and priorities, and discuss how each can contribute to the successful digital transformation of Europe.

From: 04-12-2018 - To: 04-12-2018

Brussels, Belgium

SAYSO 2nd Public Workshop

The aim of the Workshop will be to present the results of the SAYSO collection of EU practitioners' requirements and obtain feedback on the SAYSO specifications of Situational Awareness tools.

From: 28-11-2018 - To: 28-11-2018

Brussels, Belgium

SOURCE Societal Security Conference

The Conference will provide academics, practitioners and policy-makers with the opportunity to present the main outcomes and findings of the SOURCE Network.


From: 14-11-2018 - To: 14-11-2018

Rotterdam, Netherlands

ENISA 4th eHealth Security Workshop

The Workshop will focus on the aspects related to the implementation of the NIS Directive by the EU Member States, specifically for the Healthcare sector,

From: 06-11-2018 - To: 07-11-2018

Brussels, Belgium

The RTO Innovation Summit

The Summit will explore five thematic areas, in line with the five clusters of the “Global Challenges and Industrial Competitiveness” pillar, the heart of Horizon Europe for Research and Innovation Organisations (RTOs).

From: 05-11-2018 - To: 06-11-2018

Brussels, Belgium

CTI-EU Event: Bonding EU Cyber Threat Intelligence

The aim of the Event is to bring experts, researchers, practitioners and academics together to promote the dialogue and envision the future of Cyber Threat Intelligence as a key cybersecurity practice.

From: 24-10-2018 - To: 25-10-2018

The Hague, Netherlands

2nd Europol-ENISA IoT Security Conference

The Conference focuses on the cybersecurity of the entire IoT ecosystem by providing a platform for all relevant stakeholders to exchange insights and discuss pertinent topics and open challenges.

From: 17-10-2018 - To: 17-10-2018

Tallinn, Estonia

EU Borders Conference: Getting Smarter Through Technology

The Conference will focus on new trends, technologies and challenges in external border management, both from strategic and operational points of view.

From: 26-09-2018 - To: 26-09-2018

Brussels, Belgium

MEDI@4SEC Innovative Market Solutions Workshop

The workshop is a unique opportunity for LEAs and other public security providers to actively engage and share views with solutions providers, social network representatives, end-users and entrepreneurs.

From: 03-09-2018 - To: 04-09-2018

Warsaw, Poland

Innovation for Crisis Management Event

The event aims to build a shared understanding in Crisis Management, allowing to address issues of common interest, to develop synergies between initiatives and to discuss the research roadmap for Horizon 2020 and beyond.

From: 20-06-2018 - To: 20-06-2018

Brussels, Belgium

Border and Security Roundtable

This roundtable on border security is a commercial stakeholder forum for private sector solution providers to engage with policymakers, agencies, institutions and academics.

From: 11-06-2018 - To: 15-06-2018

Paris, France


Eurosatory, the international land and airland defence and security exhibition, takes place every two years in order to gather the whole offer and demand of the domains.

From: 21-03-2018 - To: 21-03-2018

Berlin, Germany

SAYSO Public Workshop

The workshop will be a one-day event taking place at the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) in Berlin. Its aim is to get feedback on the first project results so that they can be further refined.


From: 06-02-2018 - To: 07-02-2018

Berlin, Germany

21st European Police Congress

The European Police Congress is a congress for decision makers from police forces and security authorities and industries. Its aim is to strengthen the dialogue between the authorities and enable the creation of new security contacts around the world.

From: 06-02-2018 - To: 07-02-2018

Brussels, Belgium

Industry Day on Borders

The workshop will address information exchange and surveillance technologies in the area of borders. Its objective is to discuss the possible future development of EUROSUR in the context of its on-going evaluation.

From: 01-02-2018 - To: 02-02-2018

Brussels, Belgium

SMI2G 2018

The SMI2G focuses on the features of Horizon 2020 (H2020) with the view of exchanging information on the Secure Societies calls to stimulate networking and consortia building.

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