From: 30-10-2021 - To: 30-10-2021

SAFECARE Commercial Event

The presentations of the SAFECARE Commercial Event are now available! You can find and download them below!

Morning Session – SAFECARE Conference 

1 – Overview of the SAFECARE Project and End-user benefits – by Mr. P. Tourron (APHM), Mr. P. Petrucci (ASLTO5), and Mr. T. Tervoort (AMC)

2 – Presentation of the SAFECARE architecture – by Mr. D. Lancelin (ACS)

3 – SAFECARE Results Innovation & Scientific point of view – by Ms. E. Maia (ISEP)

3.1 – SAFECARE results from a Research & Technical point of view – by Mr. G. Suciu (BEIA) and Ms. Mari-Anais Sachian (BEIA)

3.2 – SAFECARE main results from a research point of view – by Mr. Z. Li (MLS)

4 – SAFECARE Exploitation – by Mr. L. Moulin (ENC)

Afternoon session – Carousel Stations 

Carousel 1 – Building Threat Monitoring System (BTMS) – was presented by Mr. Z. Li (MLS) through a demo currently available on the Home section of our website

Carousel 2 – Cyber Threat Monitoring System (CTMS) by Mr. M. Morardo (ACS); Orion Malware by Mr. E. Carles (ACS); CyberRange by Mr. E. Cannet (ACS)

Carousel 3 – Impact Propagation and Decision Support Module (IPDSM) & Hospital Availability Management System (HAMS) by Ms. Fatma-Zohra Hannou (CNAM)

Carousel 4 – Threat Response and Alert System (TRAS) & Mobile Alerting System (MAS) by Mr. L. Moulin (ENC)

Carousel 5 – Medical Device Security Monitoring & Risk Management by Ms. E. Van Nijnatten (Philips Healthcare) and Mr. P. Koster (Philips Research)

Carousel 6 – End-users and risk-management / Integration of the SAFECARE solutions – Roleplay on risk simulation to facilitate SAFECARE integration by Mr. P. Tourron (APHM), Mr. F. Nodot (APHM), and Mr. S. Nardy (SPF).

From: 12-10-2021 - To: 13-10-2021

3S clustering event

The conference “The 3S Clustering Event” will be held in Fodele, Crete – Greece on 12-13th of October 2021.

The event brings together three EU-funded projects (SATIE, SAFECARE, SecureGas) in the field of critical infrastructure protection that will present the innovative results they have achieved through focused presentations and interactive sessions.

In particular, the event will be structured around common themes approached from different perspectives (namely, air transport infrastructures, healthcare infrastructures, natural gas infrastructures) and it represents a unique opportunity to get relevant insights on the use of integrated cyber-physical security solutions for critical infrastructure protection.

The conference also offers the possibility to attend specific sessions regarding best practices, innovative technological solutions, security frameworks and demonstration results. Moreover, keynote speakers from the three projects will present policies, frameworks, security studies, emerging findings as well as lessons learned.

> Please, register HERE.


Due to the current pandemic situation, the 3S Event will take place in a hybrid mode (both physically and virtually). Please, indicate the type of participation that is most convenient for you, by choosing one of the two respective tickets during the registration procedure.

In case of physical presence, please remember to follow the health and safety protocols (e.g. masks, sanitizers, vaccination certification, rapid or PCR tests, etc.).

In case of virtual presence, the link to attend the event will be directly shared with you after the registration process.

From: 31-05-2021 - To: 01-06-2021

SMI2G Event 2021

The traditional two-days event organised by SEREN4, EARTO Security & Defence research Working Group, EOS, IMGS, ECSO and ENLETS, will take place online!

As a tradition this event will focus on security issues within the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, thus, within Horizon Europe! The event will be structured around several interesting keynote speeches, panel discussions and a brokerage event, all related to the first calls of the "Civil Security for Society" cluster!

What to know?

The SMI2G event 2021 will take place online because of the worldwide situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic and, therefore, several novelties are foreseen. There won't be the usual pitch sessions like the ones organised during the physical events. Participants had the opportunity to send their pitch presentations. These have already been collected and categorized per call and published HERE

All participants can now book their bilateral meetings with the owners of the pitch presentations most interesting to them or, otherwise, book their bilateral meetings as always, contacting people and organisations with the skills and competences they are looking for.

Cluster 3 call topics were put into the B2Match system (for bilateral meetings' appointment phase).They were taken from draft Cluster 3 Work Programme. You can use the draft Work Programme as a reference doc (please, remind that this is only a draft version, not even a pre-publication and things might change until the official publication and launch of the calls) of the work programme available on this page index.cfm (

Whole registration will be managed here, on the B2Match website and will imply:

  • registration to follow the panel sessions and the keynote speeches,
  • registration to the brokerage event,
  • registration to follow on or more of the success-stories sessions.
Technical aspects:

How it works? Please visit and carefully read how it works and deadlines for most important information.

Main topics

  • Different sessions will be hosted on Webex (up to 1000 participants - registration will be on a first come first serve basis) and only people that have registered will recieve the link to access. Sessions will be recorded and the recording will be available after the event.
  • Bilateral meetings will be hosted on B2Match (NOT ON WEBEX) and participants registered will recieve the link. 
  • Better protect the EU and its citizens against Crime and Terrorism
  • Effective management of EU external borders
  • Resilient Infrastructure
  • Increased Cybersecurity
  • Disaster-Resilient Society for Europe
  • Strengthened Security Research and Innovation

Why participate?

  • Networking possibilities
  • Consortiium building for new projects
  • Information about several interesting initiatives and developments in the European security domain

From: 13-04-2021 - To: 13-04-2021

EU-HYBNET Annual Workshop and stakeholder group meeting

Mark your calendars, because you are cordially invited to the 1st EU-HYBNET Annual Workshop and the Stakeholders Group Meeting that will be both held on 13 April 2021!

The EU-HYBNET Pan European Network to Counter Hybrid Threats Annual Workshop aims at highlighting the results and findings of the EU-HYBNET project gained during the first project year.

As part of the event, EU-HYBNET is inviting organizations that work with security-related topics to present research and/or innovations which could contribute to countering hybrid threats.  EU-HYBNET is interested to hearing about a wide array of issues such as:

  • Technological innovations.
  • Ideas in organizational change.
  • Public policy measures and experiences.
  • Solutions to increase security in and resilience of critical infrastructures, cyber domain, local and national government.
  • Information and strategic communication systems.
If you are interested in presenting your solution or innovative idea during the 1st EU-HYBNET Annual Workshop, please fill out the accompanied template. Each presentation will last a maximum of 10 minutes. Once we have received all inputs, EU-HYBNET will select 4-6 ideas to be presented during the workshop.

In the afternoon, the Stakeholder Group Meeting will be an opportunity for the stakeholders to provide feedback and recommendations to the project partners about EU-HYBNET’s yearly results and findings and to share their experiences as network members. Participation is open to all EU-HYBNET consortium partners.

EU Projects

From: 31-03-2021 - To: 31-03-2021


EU-HYBNET 1st Future Trends Workshop #FTW

On 31 March 2021, the EU-HYBNET consortium will hold its first virtual EU-HYBNET Future Trends Workshop, #FTW, bringing together stakeholders from industry, academia, media and NGOs. 

This first workshop will address expected future manifestations of hybrid threats and their evolving nature and is specifically aimed at supporting the stakeholders’ everyday work by providing a future outlook for strategic planning and at considering consequences of today’s policy choices in long-term.

Ahead of the event, the participants will be provided pre-reading on future trends assessment from hybrid threats perspective, and one-pagers on the following topics, around which the breakout sessions will be formed:

  • Intelligent infrastructures – new IT and smart cities;
  • New geography – changing identities and power relations;
  • New drivers of the information domain – platforms ownership, flows and influence.


You can register to the workshop at the following link by 15th March COB.

The agenda and the meeting link will be provided closer to the event. 

Cyber Security

From: 16-03-2021 - To: 17-03-2021


ENISA-ERA Conference: Cybersecurity in Railways

As cybersecurity is a key requirement to enable railways to deploy and exploit the full extent of a connected, digital paradigm, ENISA, the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity, and ERA, the EU Agency for Railways, have joined forces to organise a virtual Conference on Rail Cybersecurity.

The ENISA-ERA virtual conference will take place between March 16 and March 17, 2021 and it will bring together experts to discuss the latest cybersecurity developments and challenges that the sector is facing. Specifically, the event aims to foster the dialogue among railway organisations, policymakers, industry, researchers, and standardization and certification organizations.

The conference is divided into four sessions, where panellists and attendants will be able to discuss different topics:

  • Policy developments
  • Standards and certification for the railway sector
  • Results from research and innovation
  • Ways to share information and how to cooperate towards a more cyber secure railway sector in the EU


The agenda will be available soon.

You can register through the following link.

From: 03-02-2021 - To: 03-02-2021


BroadWay Practitioner Network Stakeholder Briefing

On the 3rd of February 2021 will take place the BroadWay Practitioner Network Stakeholder Briefing. The event, organized by DG HOME, will provide an insight into the work and progress of BroadWay, a project that aims to create a pan-European mobile broadband communication system for all types of first responders and security practitioners.

The project, based on a long-term planning and funding effort from the EU security research funding, is currently in its second PCP phase with prototypes being developed by Airbus, Leonardo and Frequentis, due to be evaluated in April 2021. For it to achieve its final goal, DG HOME is integrating the feedback from key stakeholders into the further development of the project and its long-term sustainability.

The specific aim of the event is for Broadway to present its activities and to get relevant insights to assess whether the project has the potential to become the European solution for secure communications for public security and safety.

You can register to the event through the following link.


From: 02-02-2021 - To: 04-02-2021


Cybersecurity Standardization Conference 2021

The European Standards Organisations CEN, CENELEC, and ETSI, have joined forces with ENISA, the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity, to bring you a virtual Cybersecurity Standardization Conference on "European Standardization in support of the EU Cybersecurity Act".

The conference aims to foster the dialogue among policy makers, industry, research, standardization, organizations, certification organization and those involved in the development of the ICT certification framework in Europe, in view of an effective implementation of the Cybersecurity Act.

Please check here the Agenda.

If you are interested you can register here.

EU Projects

From: 01-02-2021 - To: 01-02-2021


How to counter cyber-physical threats to Healthcare Infrastructure

EOS is helping to organise a demonstration event for the SAFECARE project, which will enable participants to view the SAFECARE security solution and contribute to the discussions on key technological trends, best practices, emerging threats and other issues in the sector of Healthcare Infrastructure security, led by SAFECARE’s experienced technological partners and other key actors in the cyber and physical security field.

A hands-on expert-led training session, covering security topics encountered during daily security practice, will also be held.

The event will be chaired by Philippe Tourron, from the Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Marseille and Coordinator of the project.

To register for the conference please use the following link:

Border Security

From: 26-01-2021 - To: 27-01-2021


Frontex Thematic Industry Days: Airborne Maritime Surveillance Solutions

FRONTEX will hold a virtual Thematic Industry Days on 26-27 January 2021 to explore and assess innovative solutions on airborne surveillance to better monitor what is happening at Europe’s maritime borders.


Frontex is looking for state of the art products and services available on the market, as well as innovations able to cover multiple and complex operational scenarios. At the same time, it is crucial to ensure that related technologies are cost-effective and operationally efficient.


The main categories of interest are:


  • un/manned airborne platforms (RPAS, aerostats, aircraft or combined) able to carry out maritime surveillance, search and rescue);
  • maritime surveillance sensors: electro-optics, radar sensors, AIS and mobile phone detection equipment;
  • command and control software able to integrate sensors and data from multiple assets. Data fusion and analytics from land, airborne, sensors and third party data sources and
  • beyond line-of-sight encrypted wideband communications.
Interested industry representatives are invited to apply by completing the following online form: Application form.

Applications are open until Monday, 11 January 2021. All received applications will undergo a process of evaluation based on their relevance and novelty. Clear and comprehensive solutions tailored for the needs of the EBCG community are of paramount importance.

Practical information:

  • The outcome of the evaluation process will be announced by 15 January 2021.
  • The event is scheduled to take place on 26-27 January 2021.
  • The presentations and subsequent discussions will be held via the Cisco Webex platform.
  • Each presenter will have approx. 40 minutes (which includes 30 minutes to present the solution and 10 minutes for participants’ questions and answers).

From: 26-01-2021 - To: 26-01-2021


Webinair Project STEPWISE - Comment proteger les espaces publics?

On the 26 of January 2021 the Ecole National Superieure de la Police (ENSP) will hold a webinar to present the STEPWISE project to French Police departments. The event will be entirely in French and no translation will be provided.

STEPWISE (Grant Agreement no. 815182) is an EU-funded project focused on the protection of public spaces and ‘soft targets’, such as public squares, open gathering areas, public events, transportation infrastructures, and other urban areas vulnerable to attacks. Using STEPWISE, security professionals will be able to visualise and assess vulnerabilities, various threat scenarios and situations. Specifically, the project will deliver an innovative platform to support the cooperation, coordination and cross-sectoral preparedness of Law Enforcement Agencies and their partners (public and private) involved in the design and protection of public spaces. The French Ministry of Interior is an active part of the project’s consortium.

To attend the webinar, please contact Mr. Florence Scombart at:   

From: 19-01-2021 - To: 19-01-2021


EU-HYBNET Innovation Knowledge Exchange Workshop

The EU-HYBNET consortium will hold its first virtual EU-HYBNET Innovation Knowledge Exchange Workshop #IKEW, on 19 January 2021.

This first Workshop will introduce participants to the EU-HYBNET project, its existing network and the EC’s interest to extend the network as a Pan-European hybrid platform for Members States’ needs. Concretely, the workshop aims to provide practitioners, industry, SMEs, and academia an opportunity to exchange information on challenges to counter hybrid threats and possible innovations to answer them.

In particular, the event will focus on the EU-HYBNET core themes which are:

• Future trends of Hybrid Threats

• Cyber and future technologies

• Resilient civilians, local level, and administration

• Information and strategic communications

The workshop is open to project partners and external participants upon registration.

You can find the agenda and the link to register to the event at the booklet available here.

EU Projects

From: 14-01-2021 - To: 14-01-2021



STEPWISE is an EU-funded project focused on the protection of public spaces and ‘soft targets’, such as public squares, open gathering areas, public events, transportation infrastructures, and other urban areas vulnerable to attacks. Using STEPWISE, security professionals will be able to visualise and assess vulnerabilities, various threat scenarios and situations. The project will deliver an innovative platform to support the cooperation, coordination and cross-sectoral preparedness of Law Enforcement Agencies and their partners (public and private) involved in the design and protection of public spaces.

DRONEWISE is also an EU-Funded project which will develop a Counter-UAV Command, Control and Coordination Strategy for first responders, supported by Counter-UAV Command Training for all first-responder agencies, including tactical options and decision-making frameworks, underpinned by a Counter-UAV Command Training Handbook, all being made readily accessible via a Counter-UAV Online Training Portal.

The European Organisation for Security and Rinigard are organizing this joint event. To RSVP, or for questions or additional information, please contact Elodie Reuge (at and Matea Novosel (at We hope to hear back from you regarding your availability by the 12th of January 2021 EOB.

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