EOS facilitates the development and uptake of better technology solutions for border security
    both at border checkpoints, and along maritime and land borders.
  • EOS aims to foster public-private dialogue to address European digital autonomy
    in terms of technology, policy solutions and intelligence sources.
  • Applications for SSD technologies must continually adapt to keep European citizens,
    infrastructures and economies secure from evolving threats.



    EOS promotes its members’ research priorities within the EU Research & Innovation Framework Programme,
    and enhances cooperation between decision makers and solution providers.

What is EOS ?

The European Organisation for Security (EOS) is the voice of the European security industry and research community. Operating in 15 different countries, EOS Members provide security research, solutions and services across many security domains, including border, cyber, transport and crisis management.



EOS Paper on the Comprehensive Assessment of EU Security Policy

EOS is convinced that a stronger European security industrial base needs to be developed if the EU is to enhance the effectiveness of its security policy.

EOS Paper



EOS Paper on the future of Security Research

EOS reaffirms its support for FP9, calls for extensive R&I funding and, more specifically, Security Research in alignment with the Security Union priorities.

EOS Paper

Join EOS

Membership of EOS brings you to the heart of the issues facing the European security industry and connects you with other EOS members whose interests align with your own.

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