ARCHIMEDES is a project funded by the European Union under its 7th Framework Programme (FP7) and coordinated by EOS. Its mission is to increase the R&T uptake in Europe by focusing on end-users & operators’ needs and involvement in the innovation cycle. To do that it aims at promoting a sustainable public – private dialogue between the demand and the supply side, and at making European research activities more end-user friendly. This should allow for a better identification of end-users & operators’ capability gaps and common operational needs, and facilitate end-users & operators’ participation in security Research & Innovation programmes.

ARCHIMEDES will also make recommendations on how the innovation process from basic research, development, standardization, certification and validation to deployment could be improved. It will carry out research on Innovation Management tools, procedures and best practices (e.g. on Pre-Commercial Procurement, regulations, standardisation, etc.). In addition to testing, validation and certification issues in the security domain, it will also look into possible improvements of the legal and operational environment.


Recommendations will be explored, refined and validated with end-users & operators, the supply side and European and national policy-makers during several sector-specific roundtables. Ten roundtables in total have been foreseen, to be held in different EU countries over a 3 year span and which would support a sustained dialogue and exchange of information among all relevant security stakeholders. To gather these stakeholders, ARCHIMEDES will leverage networks existing at the EU Member State level. These networks will further be organised and linked through a “Virtual Forum for Security End-Users & Operators” which will continuously inform and encourage the debate among security stakeholders on R&T activities, funding, new EU regulations and other developments that might impact their ability to innovate.


  • Development of an Innovation Management methodology to provide end-users with tools, procedures and best practices on how to efficiently benefit from R&T results.
  • Launch of a sustainable process for end-users- & operators-driven definition of common operational needs & early R&T demands.
  • Recommendations for Horizon2020 that are in line with EU & national security policies, while reflecting end-users’ needs.
  • Enhancement of end-users & operators’ participation in European research and innovation activities by looking at those stages where their involvement would be beneficial for improved R&T results and better deployment.
  • Establishment of a sustained public-private dialogue among end-users & operators through the creation of a Forum for European Security End-Users & Operators to encourage their networking with each other and with other stakeholders.
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