SSD Technologies Working Group

Applications for security screening and detection technologies must continually adapt to keep European citizens, infrastructures and economies secure from evolving threats. Today, these technologies are common-place across all modes of transport, and increasingly they are being applied for soft target protection, critical infrastructure security, customs and border management and CBRN detection. However, fragmented markets, and unstable regulatory environments make it challenging for European security screening and detection technologies manufacturers to innovate and commercialise equipment to counter new threats, and maintain the European competitiveness on the global market.


EOS' Security Screening and Detection Technologies Working Group (SSDWG) represents Europe-based manufacturers of security screening and detection technologies, and its core objectives include:

  • Promoting the interests of WG members through open and productive dialogue with European security regulators, and customers.
  • Encouraging the harmonisation and development of EU and International Regulations, as well as security screening and detection technology standards and interfaces to ensure equipment interoperability and compatibility.
  • Advising on the applications of European security and detection technologies from civil aviation, land transport (rail, metro) and maritime security, to border management, protection of public spaces and more.
  • Working with regulators and customers to define a stable regulatory environment that increases security while remaining realistic, achievable and acceptable for European society and businesses as a whole.

The Working Group’s policy activities are driven by business needs and engagement with the EU and other international policy bodies. Key policy activities include advocating on issues such as:

  • Aviation security measures and standards
  • Aviation security technology certification
  • Open architecture for airport security screening systems
  • Rail and land transport security technologies
  • Technologies for the protection of public spaces


The Working Group participates in key fora with policy makers from the European Commission (Stakeholders' Advisory Group on Aviation Security, Rail Passenger Security Expert Group, Land Transport Security Expert Group,Technical working group on detection performance requirements), Member States (Regulatory Committee for Civil Aviation Security), Third Countries (TSA, EU-US Transportation Security Cooperation Group), and International Organisations (ICAO, IATA), as well as all other relevant stakeholders in the European Security Industry (ACI-E, EEA, ECSO). EOS SSD WG also actively engages with European validation and standardisation organisations (ECAC, CEN-CENELEC) in order to ensure that security screening and detection equipment produced in the EU achieves the highest international standards of security and quality.

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