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EOS represents the voice of the European security community with over 40 members headquartered in 15 different countries, making us one of the largest and most powerful security networks in Europe. As a company established under Belgian law, each new EOS member becomes company shareholder and together we work on promoting the interests and supporting the growth of the European security industry and research community.



  1. Contribute to the development of business opportunities through EU-funded programs
  2. Promote research priorities at EU level
  3. Participate in EU-funded R&D projects
  4. Gain visibility and profit from engagement with leading European decision makers
  5. Promote security-related standards and certification frameworks
  6. Cooperate across EU borders and with international organisations
  7. Establish industry intelligence and good practice through EOS Working Groups
  8. Gain better understanding of end-users’ needs



EOS’ activities fall under the workstreams of Working Groups (WG) and Task Forces (TF) composed of security experts who work together to achieve specified goals on EOS’ main fields of interest.

  • Artificial Intelligence Task Force WG: The Artificial Intelligence Task Force addresses AI for security. It aims to contribute to the definition of common European requirements, identification of technological and capability gaps and solution, and implementation of AI-focused capability development plan for security.
  • Integrated Border Security WG: The WG facilitates the development and uptake of better technology solutions for border security both at border checkpoints, and along maritime and land borders.
  • Security Screening and Detection Technologies WG: The WG presents the European-based detection and security equipment manufacturers’ position in EU and international policy fora. It also provides policy inputs and recommendations on key thematic activity areas and elements of the multi-modal transport security process, including CBRNE issues.
  • Research and Innovation WG: The Research and Innovation Working Group focuses on defining and promoting strategic R&I priorities tackling needs and gaps across the various security domains. It also contributes to shaping future development of security solutions by facilitating its members’ participation to ongoing EU-security related programmes.
  • Soft Target and Critical Infrastructure Protection WG: The WG facilitates the development and uptake of solutions to protect soft targets and critical infrastructure. This includes promoting a more integrated, privacy compliant, and technologically advanced, approach to ensuring public spaces and infrastructure security.

EOS, however, is more than a membership association. We also participate in multiple EU-funded projects related to the policy issues addressed by EOS WGs. These projects enable EOS to promote the WGs’ messages, while disseminating the projects’ results at an EU and national level. One of EOS’ key member offerings involves helping to build EU research consortia, and submit EU research and funding proposals on specific topics.



EOS members include large companies, RTOs, trade associations, SMEs, universities, and microSMEs among others. If your organisation is based in Europe or delivering security products or services in Europe then why not join us?

EOS membership fee categories are as follows:

  • GROUP 1: Large industries and RTOs (more than 250 employees)
  • GROUP 2: Sectorial, trade or business associations
  • GROUP 3: SMEs, mid-size RTOs / institutes and clusters (50 to 250 employees)
  • GROUP 4: microSMEs and universities (less than 50 employees)



To become a Member, the interested entity must:

  1. Complete, sign and submit the "express your interest" form
  2. Await review of application by the EOS Secretariat
  3. If approved, present candidacy to EOS Board of Directors for their vote and final approval


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