SPIRIT (ISF – GA Number: 101100556)

SPIRIT aims to enhance the preparedness and response capabilities of places of worship and religious mass gatherings in a cross-functional and multilevel setting by presenting the relevant stakeholders with modern tools and security-by-design concepts in a holistic, yet cohesive approach. Thus, the REAACT conceptual platform, developed to facilitate the objectives of the SPIRIT project, brings together, Engagement, Assessment/Action, Communication and Training.


The penultimate outcome is to create a toolbox of activities and best practices for the enhancement of the security of places of worship. This complete ecosystem of actionable insights is supported by a group of beneficiaries from 8 EU countries including Christian, Muslim and Jewish organisations, Law Enforcement Agencies, technical providers and security consultancies, which ensures the depth and complementarity of each beneficiary in terms of experience and the smooth project implementation.


At a medium scale, SPIRIT will benefit Law Enforcement Agencies, religious communities and individual religious sites’ operators by improving their prevention/response effectiveness in a resource efficient and cost-effective manner. At a macro scale, the synergistic framework of SPIRIT will lead to the harmonization of today’s multi-faceted and complex mosaic of national and regional security approaches and will set the basis for the implementation of a European Standard in the field of Places of Worship protection.


  • Hellenic Police (Coordinator)
  • Kentro Meleton Asfaleias (KEMEA)
  • STAM Srl
  • Ianus Consulting Ltd
  • European Organisation for Security
  • Hochshule fur den Offentlichen Dienst in Bayern
  • Europe Islamic Association
  • Software Imagination and Vision Srl (SIMAVI)
  • Ajuntament de Barcelona
  • Iera Mitropolic Glyfadas Ellinikou Voulas Vouliagmenis Kai Varis
  • Israilitiki Koinotita Thessalonikis
  • SYNYO Gmbh


Contact Person: Guillaume Brumter




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