MEDEA (H2020 – GA Number: 787111)

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MEDEA is an EU funded Coordination and Support Action project with the scope to establish and further develop a regional Network of Practitioners and other security related actors in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea Region.

MEDEA project groups the practitioners into 4 thematic communities (TCPs - Thematic Communities of Practitioners): 

  • Managing of migration flows and asylum seekers. Read more here.
  • Border management and surveillance. Read more here.
  • Fight against cross-border crime and terrorism. Read more here.
  • Manage natural hazards and technological accidents. Read more here.

The aim of MEDEA is to engage a critical mass of security practitioners and actors including: first aid responders, border guards, national police, civil protection teams, humanitatian workers, defence entities and other interested stakeholders in efficient cooperation with cross-discipline entities from other countries. The expected result would be the effective response to all security threats common to the Mediterranean and Black Sea Region.

The requirements from all four communities will be features as inputs (regional operational needs) in the Mediterranean and Black Sea Security Research and Innovation Agenda (MSRIA).


  • Center of Security Studies KEMEA
  • Guardia Civil
  • Ministero dell' Interno - Department of Public Security (Policia di Stato)
  • Romanian Police - POLIȚIA ROMÂNĂ
  • Entente pour la Forêt Méditerranéenne - VALABRE CEREN
  • Ministério de Defesa Nacional
  • Defence Institute "Professor Tsvetan Lazarov"
  • Bundesministerium des Innern
  • General Maritime Directorate
  • Hellenic Ministry of National Defence
  • Croce Rossa Italiana Comitato di Vicenza
  • Ingenieria de Systemas para la Defensa de España
  • European University of Cyprus / Centre for Risk and Decision Sciences (CERIDES)
  • HALPIN - Centre for Research & Innovation at NMCI
  • ZAKA - Search and Rescue
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik e.V. - DGAP
  • European Organisation for Security - EOS
  • European Union Satellite Center - SATCEN
  • Fundación Euroárabe
  • Hellenic Police - HPO - ΕΛ.ΑΣ.


Contact Person : Elodie Reuge

Website :

Twitter : @MEDEAProject1

LinkedIn: MEDEA Project

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